Highlighted Case – Fish hook Swallowed by dog

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Highlighted Case – Fish hook Swallowed by dog

Fishing with your dog: by Jesse E Brown, DVM, PhD

A dog was presented on a Sunday afternoon with problem which occurred while on a fishing trip with his owner. The client was fishing and baiting the hook with small piece of a hot dog.  Interesting enough the pet was a dachshund.  So now the wiener dog sees the wiener and chomp swallows it whole not realizing he just eaten the bait intended to catch fish and not dogs.  This was most disconcerting for the client.  Realizing the immediacy of the issue, the fishing line was immediately cut and the patient was presented to Animal Emergency of Gainesville for evaluation.

Survey radiographs showed that the hook made it to the stomach. Now that may seem obvious but there is always the possibility that it might hang up in the tongue, back of the throat or in the esophagus and not make it all the down so to speak.


Ventrodorsal radiograph projection showing fish hook in stomach as viewed peeking between the 12 th and 13th rib on R side

The patient was taken to surgery and the object was successfully removed from the stomach.


The retrieved fish hook ready for another pole !

One thing to note is that the owner did the right thing by cutting the line and also did not attempt to pull it back out. The one thing to remember is to never pull on the line in an attempt to remove the hook.  Tugging on the line will most likely set the hook in tissue and make it much more difficult to remove no matter where the hook happens to be at the moment.